Airports Histor

A Quick look into the historty of some of Africas Airports.

Our Region's Aviation History

The Early Beginnings

Humble Origins: Before the era of large jetliners, Nelspruit Airport began as a much smaller airfield, serving the city's growing needs for connectivity.

Propellers and Pioneers: Small propeller-driven planes were the main occupants of its runways, ferrying passengers, cargo, and even mail across the region.

Vital Link: The airport played a crucial role in Nelspruit's development, boosting trade, tourism, and access to the beautiful Lowveld region.

Change was needed

A Need for Growth: As Nelspruit and the surrounding areas expanded, so did the demand for larger aircraft and the potential for international links.

The Birth of KMIA: The decision was made to construct Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern aviation. In 2001, KMIA opened, ushering in a new chapter in air travel for the region.

Nelspruit Airport's Shift: While KMIA assumed the primary role for commercial passenger flights, Nelspruit Airport refocused its operations.

Nelspruit Airport Today

A Home for Aviation: While smaller in scale, Nelspruit Airport remains a vibrant hub for:

  • Private aircraft and charter flights
  • Flight training schools
  • Aircraft maintenance operations

The Spirit of Flight Endures: The runways that once hosted the pioneers of Lowveld aviation still buzz with activity, keeping the passion for flight alive.

Connecting the Past and Present (For E-Coaches)

Transportation Legacy: Nelspruit Airport's story is an important part of the region's transport history, much like how E-Coaches has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of travelers.

Options for Every Traveler: Whether flying in on a commercial jet to KMIA or chartering a smaller aircraft to Nelspruit Airport, E-Coaches is ready to connect visitors with their adventures in the Lowveld.

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